Foster a safe and productive work environment when you train employees on what to do instead of what not to do

Your employees are your best resource to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, so equip them with the tools needed to take action when they see potentially harassing behavior.

We offer interactive, online sexual harassment training that leverages positive framing techniques and promotes long-term skill-building, including how to:

  • Take Action

    Teaches skills for employees to take action and to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Be An Ally

    Walks employees through the steps to intervene and be a safe and supportive ally.

  • Protect Your Organization

    Engages your employees with content based on real-life scenarios.

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Activate the Healthy Majority in Your Workforce
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Your Employees

    Sexual harassment at work and discrimination issues affect all levels of organizations.

    Arm your employees with the skills to identify questionable behavior and teach them different approaches to intervene.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Managers & Supervisors

    Inappropriate and offensive behavior in the workplace affects personal well-being, employee morale, and productivity.

    Teach your supervisors to identify upstream behavior before it leads to harassment.

Stay on Top of Legislative Mandates
Stay on Top of Legislative Mandates

An ever-changing legislative landscape and rising social pressure from employees and customers are forcing employers to rethink their sexual harassment prevention strategy.

Employers, especially those operating in multiple states, need to comply with these mandates – at scale.

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