A great culture starts with great training that makes it easy to onboard employees and empowers your vision to build a thriving workplace community.

EVERFI’s Harassment & Inclusion package is designed to provide a scalable training solution to help organizations promote respectful workplaces and comply with ever-changing regulations. We’ve reimagined workplace HR and compliance training with industry-leading course design and content to fundamentally transform your workplace culture.

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  • Right Content

    Deliver engaging, immersive online training that incorporates real-world examples, videos, and stories.

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    Right Time

    Automate training reminders to new hires, new managers, or any employee groups requiring training to remain compliant with state sexual harassment training requirements.

  • Right Learner

    Deliver the right course to the right learners when they need to be trained through EVERFI’s industry leading Foundry platform.

EVERFI's Harassment & Inclusion Package can transform your training.

Our Offerings

Harassment & Inclusion Course Topics
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention for Supervisors

    - Helps supervisors identify and address workplace harassment.
    - Teaches the necessary skills to recognize and respond to abusive behavior and other misconduct, microaggressions, and unconscious bias.
    - Provides practical tips on creating a respectful, inclusive work environment.
    - Teaches how to safely incorporate bystander intervention.
    - Complies with sexual harassment training laws in all 50 states .

  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention for Non-Supervisors

    - Engages employees and raises awareness about harassment and discrimination by providing insights on how to appropriately respond and report misconduct
    - Practical tips for safe and positive bystander intervention
    - Walks learners through interactive scenarios and strategies for promoting a harassment free workplace
    - Complies with sexual harassment training laws in all 50 states

  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

    - Explores the nature of diversity and provide practical strategies for workplace inclusion
    - Examines key concepts such as identity, power, privilege, and communication using the experiences of real people
    - Promotes a more inclusive and accepting workplace

  • Managing Bias

    - Provides a definition of bias and describes how it affects the workplace
    - Promotes an understanding of how biases affect our action and if left unchecked biases can create unhealthy work environments
    - Teaches strategies for reducing the negative effects of bias

  • Equity, Acceptance, and Respect: Global Harassment Discrimination Prevention

    - Incorporates a global perspective into training by relying on a foundation of equity, acceptance, and respect
    - Explores topics such as allyship, bystander intervention and discrimination awareness while utilizing cultural localization
    - Enables employees to better identify with concepts through the lens of their own values

Our Foundry Platform

A Platform That Works Harder for You

It is no longer a question of ‘why’ but ‘how’ to teach company culture. EVERFI’s Foundry platform enables you to seamlessly facilitate online training for your entire workforce. Assign employee roles, automate training roll out and reminders through customizable triggers, and track completion rates to meet regulatory standards through our easy-to-use dashboards.

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Our Insights

You Don't Need A Data Scientist to See the Impact of Your Data

EVERFI Workplace Insights delivers real-time, anonymized dashboards that illuminate the perceptions, behaviors, and experiences of your employees.

Data insights reveal a roadmap for next steps post-training that gives you the tools to make real-time impact.

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  • Compliant across city, state, and federal mandates (US only), including bystander awareness and intervention
  • Interactive knowledge assessments
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Content designed for mobile devices

Deployment & Administration

  • Customizable training plan by employee role, location, and level
  • Automated training reminders and notifications
  • Include custom branding and policies throughout training content
  • Upload and incorporate additional custom resources, including video, PDFs, links at key moments
  • 1 Standard integration included (API, SSO, LMS) 1

Workplace Data Insights

  • Integrated, customizable survey questions within the training platform
  • Segmented admin dashboards by employee group
  • Executive-level reports and summaries

Customer Support

  • Dedicated customer success manager focused on your goals 2
  • Implementation specialist to guide you through program launch 2
1 Only available for organizations with 5000 employees or more
2 Only available for organizations with 500 employees or more