In a marketplace flooded with new digital financial products and services, differentiating your bank can be a challenge. That’s where relationship management in banks makes a difference. Strong customer relationship management builds customer loyalty by establishing credibility and trust and increasing the long-term value of a customer.

Banking Challenges

  • Retainment

    You know how to attract new customers, but it’s another thing to keep them coming back for all their financial needs. While trends change over time, the importance of relationship banking remains consistent, giving banks the ability to transition to new products more quickly.

  • Competition

    What are other banks doing that you aren’t? You’ve embraced the same financial technology services and products that they have, but your customers are still switching. How can you differentiate by improving your relationship banking strategy??

  • Engagement

    Do customers sign up for your services but then disappear? Is improving customer engagement in banking on your horizon? Focusing on customer relationship management in retail banking can help with this.

  • Trust

    In the competitive marketplace, one of the main benefits of relationship banking is the establishment of trust. Customers who trust your brand will be more likely to turn to you for long-term banking needs.

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Marketplace Trends
  • Financial Education Courses

    Financial education courses appeal to customers who are relationship-driven. In our recent study on customer trust and loyalty, we found that the customers focused on relationships were more likely to seek out financial education courses from their banks. Such courses help increase the long-term value of your bank to the customer.

  • Online Financial Products

    More than half of banking customers use online banking and financial solutions like PayPal, SoFi, and CreditKarma. In order to compete to retain and attract new customers, there needs to be a bigger focus on relationship management in banking.

  • Security and Privacy Protection

    Customers are more concerned than ever with the security of their banking information and the privacy protection that banks and financial service providers offer. One of the big benefits of relationship banking is offering customers peace of mind and building credibility and trust.

Build Customer Relationships With Financial Education Courses

Solutions That Deepen Customer Relationships in Banking

We help banks build customer relationships by offering a platform for online and offline financial education resources—resources that build trust and credibility. Here’s how:

  • Online Financial Education

    Make relationship management easy and become a trusted resource for consumers with financial education courses that can empower your customers to build a stronger financial future. EVERFI’s interactive learning modules make it easy for your customers to learn about financial topics, from a branded platform on your own website.

  • Workshops and Live Events

    EVERFI makes it as easy to supplement the in-person events your bank already has in place as it is to start a new financial education program. We facilitate the relationship between partner organizations and provide the information banks need to convey. All you need to do is show up to teach. We even offer a means for results-tracking of learner data.

  • School Partnerships

    Studies show that young people are missing critical financial literacy skills. That’s why EVERFI has a national network of more than XX K-12 schools, helping banks build relationships with schools and younger demographics. These valuable partnerships provide students with critical financial education while also helping your institution meet CRA requirements.

  • Small Business Bootcamps

    Customer relationship management also extends to ensuring that those taking out loans for their businesses are more likely to be successful. We help you help business owners to qualify for their loans by completing an SMB-focused financial education program.

  • Built-in Metrics

    Our programming is data-driven, meaning that your bank relationship manager can see who has finished modules, what the rates of improvement are, and which topics were of most interest. Our platform offers easy report generation, making it easier for the banks we work with to comply with CRA requirements.

  • Deepen Customer Relationships

    With EVERFI’s assistance, you can offer customer incentives for completing learning modules or attending financial education events. By rewarding customers for learning more about their finances, and embracing this component of customer relationship management, you help make yourself a trusted resource and increase the long-term value of customers.