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K-12 Sponsorship

Be There with Them: K-12 Sponsorship


Too many kids are finishing school without the basic knowledge they need to manage their financial lives. Financial institutions are an important part of the solution, but implementing these programs successfully can be very challenging. EVERFI’s K-12 sponsorship program is an online financial education platform that enables financial institutions to deliver schools-based education at scale, build student financial capability, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Financial Behaviors Trends of Millennials & Gen Z with Recommendations for Engaging Them

EVERFI Technology

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Connect With Core Audiences

Positively impact students in the communities you serve by providing interactive financial education that teaches students the core financial topics that will set them up for financial success.

  • Grade School: 

    Build the foundational financial knowledge grade school students need that integrates into classroom curriculums.

  • High School: 

    Build the critical financial skills and knowledge high school students need to successfully transition to adulthood.

Advance Your Impact With K-12 Education Activation

Deliver tailored schools-based financial education at no cost to the school that improves their financial capability, builds your brand with future consumers and helps qualify for CRA credit.

  • Activate

    Deploy the fully private-labeled learning platform at scale with the help of our national activation team.

  • Educate

    Empower students of all ages with financial education that aligns with state and national Jump$tart standards.

  • Measure

    Quantify community impact with the comprehensive data and reporting needed to submit for CRA credit.

  • Share

    Share your impact story with the broader community through digital campaigns and community outreach.

Sponsor a Course

EVERFI helps our partners bring private-labeled digital education programs to schools across the globe.

Featured Offering

Vault: Understanding Money Student Course

Students dive into a virtual world to learn the basic ins-and-outs of finances. Can you help a friend from space learn the difference between needs and wants?

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Bring FinEd to Schools.

Empower students nationwide with financial knowledge while growing your future customer base.