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Positively impact students in your communities by providing interactive financial education that teaches students the core financial topics that will set them up for financial success.

  • Grade School: 

    Build the foundational financial knowledge that grade school students need that integrates into classroom curriculums.

  • High School: 

    Develop the critical financial skills and knowledge high school students need to successfully transition to adulthood.

K-12 Sponsorship Elements
  • Activate

    Deploy the fully private-labeled learning platform at scale with the help of our national activation team.

  • Educate

    Empower students of all ages with financial education that aligns with state and national Jump$tart standards.

  • Measure

    Quantify community impact with the comprehensive data and reporting needed to submit for CRA credit.

  • Share

    Share your impact story with the broader community through digital campaigns and community outreach.

  • Vault - Understanding Money

    Vault is an interactive learning course specifically designed to introduce financial education skills to child learners. With lessons on responsible money choices, credit and borrowing, savings and more, Vault increase students’ basic financial literacy and builds the foundation of healthy financial decision-making at a young age.

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  • EVERFI - Financial Literacy

    EVERFI - Financial Literacy engages high school students through video, animations and interactive activities to bring complex financial concepts to life. The nine modules cover topics such as credit scores, financing higher education and more, giving students the tools to successfully manage their financial future.

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  • venture - building your budget

    NFTE Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition™

    NFTE Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition™ teaches middle and high school students to think entrepreneurially about business and life. Students develop a personalized business plan, including finance, marketing, team-building and market research, along with a roadmap for academic and career success.

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Sponsor Financial Education in Your Community

EVERFI helps financial institutions bring private-labeled digital education programs to schools across the globe.

EVERFI Financial Literacy


Teaching Budgeting: 3 Ways Educators Bring Budgeting to Life

For me, the word “budget” brings to mind skimping or going without. But in the most uncomplicated terms, a budget is just a plan for our money. When we are teaching budgeting basics to our students, we can frame that plan the way we would for any other– as a strategy for hitting a goal. The goal, of course, being the life you want to design for yourself.

With any budgeting activity, begin by asking your students to categorize their needs and wants and assign a dollar amount to each item. Offer a researched monthly net-income, perhaps based on their career interests or a local example, and help your students start to examine the value of their choices in assigning needs versus wants.

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