Hormigueros, Puerto Rico (April 20, 2018) — Today, 120 teachers and students from escuela Alfredo Dorrington in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico received certifications after completing EVERFI’s online financial literacy curriculum as part of the Puerto Rico Department of Education’s Integral Program for Financial Education, an in schools initiative which aims to develop healthy personal finance skills and habits in students.

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, EVERFI and Department of Education staff, joined teachers and students as they shared the lessons they recently learned through the course.

“Bringing innovation to the island to prepare students for the future is a personal priority of mine because it is where my family’s story begins as the birthplace of my father,”  said Ray Martinez, EVERFI President of Financial Education. “In the midst of recovery from Hurricane Maria and financial hardship, we are honored to celebrate the teachers and students who have worked diligently to complete this course. Through our partnership with Puerto Rico’s Department of Education, we are committed to empowering every public elementary and high school student with the skills needed for a strong and healthy financial future.

In January, Puerto Rico Department of Education announced leading education technology innovator EVERFI, Inc. as its official provider of digital financial education for public elementary and high schools. The announcement took place during a meeting held  in Bayamon, Puerto Rico with Senator Carmelo Ríos Santiago, Secretary of Education Dr. Julia Beatrice Keleher.

“One of the requirements for this program is to empower all teachers, as well as the school directors, administrative personnel and program directors, to teach about personal finances,” said  Puerto Rico Education Secretary Julia Keleher.

The partnership with Puerto Rico Department of Education makes EVERFI’s digital financial curriculum available to every elementary and high school in Puerto Rico. EVERFI’s on-the-ground implementation team will aim to activate a minimum of 25 schools in the first year, expanding to more schools in subsequent years.  Students will learn important skills such as credit, saving techniques, budgeting, retirement planning, different account types and more.

Expanding education opportunity remains a cornerstone mission for Puerto Rico to give more students access to critical life subjects that will prepare them for success outside the classroom.  Just 19 states require K-12 students to take a financial education course according to the Council for Economic Education’s Survey of the States 2018 report. This initiative seeks to bring researched-based, interactive financial literacy courses to Puerto Rico students, many for the first time.

EVERFI and the Department of Education recently  launched  Vault-Understanding Money course in Alfredo Dorrington for elementary school students and its @Work course for Alfredo Dorrington’s high school students. Additionally, EVERFI has trained more than 350 teachers on how to implement the courses and their contents. In the coming weeks and months, EVERFI will host additional teacher trainings as the course is made available to more schools and students.

EVERFI’s Vault digital financial literacy course in Spanish

EVERFI’s Vault-Understanding Money course immerses elementary school students in real-life, interactive scenarios to develop financial concepts, such as income and careers, credit and money management, saving and budgeting. EVERFI’s @Work course is a higher-level course aimed at high school students and adults who are actively making financial judgments. @Work proactively prepares individuals for wise money management decisions, such as family budgeting, investing, credit, borrowing and other topics needed in adulthood.