Today, EverFi, Inc., the nation’s leading education technology innovator, announced that they are gearing up to host hundreds of events during Financial Literacy Month as a part for their Financial Literacy Month Roadshow, promoting schools-based financial education partnerships they power every day nationwide. One million young people will benefit from financial education using EverFi’s courses across the country this year alone.

“Each year Financial Literacy Month provides a platform to discuss the importance of financial education, but we have an obligation to ensure these principles resonate beyond the month of April,” said Ray Martinez, Co-Founder of EverFi and President of Financial Education. “Every day in schools across the country, EverFi works with teachers and students to bring these lessons to life harnessing the power of technology. Whether it’s saving for the future or financing a student loan, it is vital that we empower all young people to prioritize financial wellness.”

Throughout the year, EverFi powers hundreds of partners and reaches thousands of young people with the goal of helping students’ understand critical financial topics. As a trusted partner and leader with nearly a decade experience providing financial education for learners of all ages, EverFi works with over 750 banks, credit unions, foundations, and insurance companies across the country powering community focused financial education.

This interactive map shows events taking place across the country during EverFi’s Financial Literacy Month Roadshow: