EverFi, Inc., the leader in prevention education for colleges and universities, has partnered with the White House on the It’s On Us campus sexual assault prevention initiative.  EverFi leaders will join President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden today to launch the campaign to activate students and campuses in the battle against sexual assault. As the largest provider of online prevention education across college campuses, Greek institutions, and college athletics, EverFi is also contributing the largest body of research on students’ attitudes and behaviors on the topic.

EverFi has experienced unprecedented growth with over 200 colleges and universities adopting Haven over the past sixty days. With 400 institutions now implementing the course, Haven – Understanding Sexual Assault™ has become the standard for online sexual assault education.

Together with EverFi’s AlcoholEdu® for College, the largest online course in higher education today, over one million students will access EverFi’s higher education prevention programs this year. Collectively, the two courses have surpassed six million completions across 500 college and university campuses since EverFi’s inception.

“When you get that dream acceptance letter into college, it shouldn’t also mean your risk of being sexually assaulted goes up,” said Tammy Wincup, EverFi Chief Operating Officer. “Along with committed campuses, students’ voices can play a significant role in turning this tide. We are honored to join forces with the White House to champion preventative education and ensure all campuses and students have access to research-based digital learning.”

Since the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year 400,000 college students have completed EverFi’s digital course, Haven – Understanding Sexual Assault™. Amidst heightened national focus on student safety, 83% of students that took the course survey believe that sexual assault is a significant problem on their campus. While 70% of students indicated that they would take action if they witnessed abusive behavior, less than 50% think their classmates would do the same.

Among the leading colleges and universities partnering with EverFi on sexual assault prevention are Boston College, Carnegie Mellon University, Davidson College, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Dayton, University of Michigan, Skidmore College, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, Villanova University, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

“The University of Dayton takes sexual violence prevention education seriously. We have our incoming students participate in the Haven program because we feel it’s important to emphasize sexual violence prevention before they even set foot on campus” said Kristen Altenau Keen, Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator at the University of Dayton. “We want our students to be prepared to have conversations about sexual violence prevention when they arrive on campus and be equipped with the skills to recognize when bystander intervention is needed. At the University of Dayton, community is central to our mission. We want everyone on campus to understand we need their help in this effort.”

Haven uses positive message framing, treating students as part of the solution rather than part of the problem. It is the only course that incorporates students’ personal and relationship values as a foundation for their ongoing engagement and commitment to prevention. More information on Haven is available https://www.everfi.com/haven.

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