EverFi, Inc., the education technology solutions provider, today reported that Transit – Financial Wellness™ has been deployed at 82 campuses nationwide this fall. Transit is a turnkey financial education course designed to empower students with the skills they need to manage their finances and successfully transition into and out of the college experience.

Transit’s interactive modules cover a range of financial scenarios and topics, including paying for school, managing personal expenses and planning for post-graduation decisions. Each student benefits from a customized and adaptive action plan that provides personalized feedback based on his or her current financial situation, including level of student loan debt, credit card usage and other self-reported financial attitudes and behaviors.

“Financial pressure is one of the leading reasons that students elect to drop out of school, and for those who do graduate, they’re emerging with an average of nearly $30,000 in student loan debt,” said Brett Frazier, EverFi’s Executive Vice President of Partner Development. “Transit helps students improve their financial footing and can help drive the successful completion of their degrees. For colleges and universities, it enhances student wellness resources and helps impact important institutional outcomes such as retention, persistence and student success.”

The Indiana University System is deploying EverFi’s financial education course this fall across its population of over 10,000 first-year students. “As our students embark on their academic careers, it’s critical that we provide them with a personalized online financial education resource,” said Phil Schuman, Director of Financial Literacy at Indiana University. “The data has shown that it is helping students acquire new financial literacy skills that we believe will benefit them throughout their lives. It’s also helping us track and programmatically react to data on students’ financial attitudes and behaviors.”

Many leading colleges and universities are connecting financial wellness to other non-academic drivers of student success such as physical health, mental wellness, positive relationship promotion, and alcohol and substance abuse prevention.

In addition to Transit, EverFi produces two other digital courses aimed at helping students develop critical skills. AlcoholEdu® for College focuses on substance abuse prevention, andHaven – Understanding Sexual Assault™ is EverFi’s sexual violence prevention course.

The combination of these learning courses along with focused efforts by student affairs practitioners on campuses is enabling university leaders to surround students with wellness programs that provide support throughout their higher education experience.


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