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Financial Literacy Month

Each year Financial Literacy Month gives us the opportunity to discuss the importance of financial education, celebrate our FinEd partners and reflect on the life-changing impact of our courses. This April, as we mark EVERFI’s 10 year anniversary, we we're highlighting our 10 Years of Impact and striving to ensure these critical skills extend beyond the classroom.

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Financial Capability Network

As a trusted partner and leader with a decade of experience providing financial education for learners of all ages, EVERFI believes that financial capability is and must be within reach for all consumers and communities, regardless of their financial means. That’s why we created a Network and courses that empower financial institutions by showing them how to educate their consumers to take control of their financial health.

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Featured Offering

EVERFI Financial Literacy

Equip students with tools to manage their personal finances in the real world, from applying for financial aid to establishing credit and investing.

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