Financial Literacy Month

Every April, Financial Literacy Month gives us the opportunity to discuss the importance of financial education, celebrate our educational partners, thank the financial institutions that sponsor our programs, and reflect on the life-changing impact of our courses. This year, EVERFI is especially proud to celebrate 10 Years of Impact towards increasing financial literacy across the country. It is our goal to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn critical skills like money management, investing, and saving, so they'll be able take on the future with confidence and guide their own financial success.

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Financial Capability Network

As a trusted educational leader with a decade of experience providing financial courses to learners of all ages, EVERFI believes that financial literacy is and must be within reach for all consumers and communities, regardless of their means. That’s why we created a Network and courses that empower financial institutions by showing them how to educate their consumers to take control of their financial health.

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Featured Course Offering

EVERFI Financial Literacy

Equips high school students with tools to manage their personal finances in the real world, from applying for financial aid to establishing credit and investing.

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