Summer Learning

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Our commitment to equipping young people with the critical skills needed to be successful extends beyond the school year and into the summer months. We partner with local government officials, private sector funders, and community-based organizations across the country to bring our STEM career readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship courses to young adults through Adolescent and Youth Development Programs and Summer Youth Employment Programs.

Adolescent & Youth Development (Age 9 – 14):

The summer months represent an incredible opportunity for students to explore topics that are frequently overlooked during the school year. From exploring the basics of coding to learning what it takes to start your own business, EverFi’s learning platform can facilitate a holistic blended learning environment for community-based organizations and summer camps.

Young Adult Financial Capability (Age 15-19): 

Young people around the country begin their professional careers with a summer job. However, as they receive their first paycheck, do they know the basics of personal finance so their earnings aren’t wasted? EverFi’s financial education courses allow busy teens to have access to the personal finance content that is most relevant to them as they begin to earn money and plan for their futures.

Case Study Spotlight

EverFi provides engaging digital course content, allowing students to move through interactive modules at their own pace. Our most relevant courses for SYEP participants focus on STEM career readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. We have experience working with One Summer Chicago, Los Angeles Summer of Learning and District of Columbia Summer Youth Employment.