On-Demand | Teen Vaping Prevention and Tools to Quit: Classroom Ready Resources

On-Demand | Teen Vaping Prevention and Tools to Quit: Classroom Ready Resources

Date/Time: October 20, 2021, On-Demand
Eastern Time

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Teaching drug prevention education has never been more challenging – or more essential.

Prior to the pandemic, teens sat at the nexus of an opioid epidemic and targeted advertising of nicotine and vaping companies. And while we’re only beginning to understand the impact isolation has on the rates of teen drug misuse, we do know that avoiding these issues is not an option.

An effective approach to combating teen drug use equips students with the facts and engages them in meaningful conversation, but what does that look like in this new learning landscape?

Join Amy Taylor, Chief of Community Engagement from the Truth Initiative, along with Jay Matthews and Jessie Fox from EVERFI for a special release webinar on the topic of teen vaping. Educators will leave this session armed with actionable strategies to create opportunities for impactful conversations about the dangers of vaping and the addictive powers of nicotine. 

Attendees will receive:

  • A certificate for 1 hour of professional learning
  • Vaping: Know the truth, a prevention-forward digital learning experience that gives today’s students core knowledge around e-cigarettes and offers resources to help young people quit if they already vape
  • Red Ribbon Week Toolkit with additional free resources focused on student mental health and prevention
  • Access to digital resources and ongoing training and support

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