From ATMs to mobile apps to social media, financial institutions are interacting with their customers in more ways than ever before. With no shortage of consumer data now available, financial institutions today must break down data silos to gain a full view of the consumer and cater to their unique financial goals. Join us for a webinar on how you can “use data for good” to uncover consumer needs, and leverage personalized financial education tailored to each consumer.

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  • How to leverage data to create timely and personalized experiences for your consumers
  • How personalization can make your consumers 10x more likely to be your best brand advocates – and the kinds of personalization they prefer
  • The research behind why personalized financial education works for financial institutions, and strategies and tips for your institution to get started

Featured Contributors:

  • Jim Marous, Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand and Owner & Publisher at the Digital Banking Report
  • Dr. Lundon Jackson, Vice President, Content and Editorial at EVERFI
  • Sean Tynan, Vice President, Financial Education Partnerships at EVERFI