Webinar | New Data on Vaping and Teen Drug Use

What Teachers Need to Know

Gen Z shows an overall decline in teen drug use, including non-medical use of prescription opioids, according to the 2019 data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

But that same data shows that vaping of both nicotine and marijuana is on the rise. One in five high school seniors report they’ve vaped in the past month. This means providing factual information to students early on is essential. 

Listen in as Dr. Emily Einstein, a Health Science Policy Analyst with the Science Policy Branch of the Office of Science Policy and Communications and Brian Marquis, a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) public liaison dive into the latest data from NIDA’s Monitoring the Future Survey. Together with EVERFI implementation expert Lauren Pingul, they discuss the free resources available to address the latest in prescription drug safety and teen drug use.

Webinar Recording

New Data on Vaping and Teen Drug Use

Featured Resources

Prescription Drug Safety: A free digital resource for high school students, funded by a coalition of sponsors. By empowering students with substance abuse prevention education at an early age, we can help the next generation stop opioid abuse.

Launch Deck: A brief deck to guide your students through the registration process to ensure a smooth EVERFI launch.

NIDA Lesson Plan and Activity Finder: Find free science- and standards-based classroom lessons and multimedia activities on teens and drugs – all funded or created by NIDA.

Register for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW): Access free, science-based materials, register your NDAFW activity to get your event added to NIDA’s event map, and connect with NIDA staff who can provide support.

Monitoring the Future Survey Findings: Read the latest results of NIDA’s national youth survey measuring substance use among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. In 2019, more than 42,000 students from almost 400 schools participated.

Lesson: Analyzing Drug-Use Data from Monitoring the Future: Using data from the 2019 Monitoring the Future survey on teens’ self-reported use of drugs, this activity is designed to help students in grades 7 through 12 understand how to obtain, analyze, and interpret data, and to argue from evidence.

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