Financial Literacy as Personal Wellness


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Research shows that financial education at an early age equips students with the resources and outlook they need to be successful. In this session, we will explore how an understanding of financial skills helps to increase overall wellness. Educators will get access to standards-aligned online resources and corresponding offline lesson plans. In light of the uncertainty of the fall, we will discuss how these lessons can be delivered remotely or in a blended learning format.

As part of our ongoing commitment to lifelong learning, EVERFI calls educators together to Learn On, whether through our educator conference in the summer, or through further opportunities throughout the school year.

Attendees will receive:

  • A certificate for 1 hour of professional development
  • Access to digital resources and ongoing training and support
  • Special invitation to further Learn On events

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What People are Saying

"I will be teaching Business Ed in Middle School for the first time this fall - I was worried about engaging resources. I am happy I signed up for this." 

Justin R., New York

"Applauding virtually!"

Rhonda M., Pennsylvania

"EVERFI saved me when we had to distance learn!"

Joanna C., Maryland

"I want my students to have basic foundations of financial literacy, hands on."

Nathalie R., New York