Increasing End-of-Year Student Engagement | Webinar

Summer is right around the corner! Student engagement in the final weeks of the school year has a big impact on both your classroom culture and student success. We’re sharing tips for harnessing student excitement through real-world learning connections.

Join EVERFI Schools Implementation Managers Erica and Lauren for a webinar on leveraging EVERFI’s no-cost digital learning platform for real-world lessons in the final weeks of your 2018-2019 school year.

Webinar Recording

Increasing End-of-Year Student Engagement Deck

Key Takeaways for Increasing End-of-Year Student Engagement

Erica and Lauren with EVERFI introduce digital resources to help you increase student engagement at the end of the school year. They’ll dive into implementation best practices, the teacher dashboard, and all of the tools available in the resource library to supplement the digital lessons.

Featured Resources

EVERFI Free Digital Course Library:  With lessons covering topics from financial literacy, social emotional learning, STEM, career readiness, and more, EVERFI empowers educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom and equip students with the skills they need for success – now and in the future. Thanks to partners who share this mission, EVERFI’s online resources for teachers are available at no cost.

FutureSmart Lesson Plan: A specialized lesson plan to incorporate FutureSmart into your existing class structure created by Pennsylvania educator Paige Linnert.

Lesson Plan Template: A lesson plan template you can adjust to any EVERFI course to make integration into your classroom as easy as possible.

Launch Deck: A brief deck to guide your students through the registration process to ensure a smooth EVERFI launch.

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Teachers, students, and schools can access all EVERFI courses at no cost thanks to the support of our partners.

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