Navigating the Digital World


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As learning increasingly goes digital, our students need to know how to navigate their digital environment safely and responsibly. Despite being essential for many learning activities, technology is rife with pitfalls for students' personal privacy and data protection. Priming them with the skills they need to evaluate the online information will not only lead to more successful tech-based learning, but will ensure that students are able to identify and avoid the risks of the virtual world.

As part of our ongoing commitment to lifelong learning, EVERFI calls educators together to Learn On, whether through our educator conference in the summer, or through further opportunities throughout the school year.

Attendees will receive:

  • A certificate for professional development (45 minutes)
  • Access to digital resources and ongoing training and support
  • Special invitation to further Learn On events

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What People are Saying

"I will be teaching Business Ed in Middle School for the first time this fall - I was worried about engaging resources. I am happy I signed up for this." 

Justin R., New York

"Applauding virtually!"

Rhonda M., Pennsylvania

"EVERFI saved me when we had to distance learn!"

Joanna C., Maryland

"I want my students to have basic foundations of financial literacy, hands on."

Nathalie R., New York