School’s In Session with EVERFI | Webinar

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new educator experience in the EVERFI Teacher Center! During this webinar, our team will help you head back to school with the latest digital resources to encourage student engagement all year long.

Webinar Recording

School’s In Session With EVERFI Deck

Key Takeaways for EVERFI’s Webinar: Updates & New Releases

  • Kitty Herbel, an educator who uses EVERFI’s programs, shares her experience using EVERFI in the classroom and student feedback she has received.
  • Implementation Manager Erica Hart runs through the registration process and details how to search the course catalog, tricks for editing, adding, and moving students between classes, as well as resetting student passwords.
  • Implementation Manager Lauren Pingul offers teacher tricks to help implement EVERFI. She shows how to access and dive into the student-version of the course and find extension lesson plans.

Featured Resources

The Compassion Project offers 15 lessons and 3 digital activities. Focused on skills like compassion, empathy, and growth mindset, students understand that compassion is our common language. Offline lessons include individual and group activities, videos and printables, while the 20-minute online lessons allow students to practice these concepts individually.

Ignition: Digital Wellness & Safety helps students take practical steps to protect their own privacy and safety online through six digital responsibility lessons. Each 20-minute lesson is accompanied by offline lesson plans and pre- and post-quizzes that automatically report to a teacher’s dashboard.

EVERFI: Financial Literacy equips high school students to manage their personal finances in the real world, from applying for financial aid to establishing credit and investing. Through the seven 20-minute lessons, students will learn and practice the basics of budgeting, banking, and saving for the future.

2019-20 Planning Calenders: Each calendar highlights monthly thematic observances – from Financial Planning Week to Mental Health Awareness Month – and provides a free corresponding lesson for each.

Launch Deck: A brief deck to guide your students through the registration process to ensure a smooth EVERFI launch.

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