Teacher Trends: Financial Education and Career Readiness | Webinar

While college or a career might seem eons away to a middle school student, it’s closer than they might think. Having all the resources available in your teacher toolkit to prepare them for what’s coming next is critical to their success. EVERFI’s FutureSmart resource is a major asset for many teachers across the country who are integrating financial education and career planning in the classroom

Hear directly from educators who use FutureSmart with their students as we explore teacher trends in preparing middle school students for a financially secure future while learning how to use FutureSmart to impact college and career readiness in your own classroom.

Webinar Recording

Teacher Trends: Financial Education and Career Readiness Slide Deck

Key Takeaways for Teacher Trends: Financial Education and Career Readiness

  • [4:33]  Amber Osuba from EVERFI introduces how state and district legislature have backed the growing trend of middle school financial education and the importance of teaching financial literacy before high school.
  • [11:50]  Paige Linnert, a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, shares her experience implementing EVERFI’s free digital learning resource FutureSmart into her classroom and the benefits of the resource, both in the content shared with students and how it meets established classroom standards. 
  • [30:24]  Lauren Pingul, former EVERFI user turned School Implementation Manager, dives into embedding FutureSmart into existing lesson plans and discusses specific lesson best-practices and extensions.
  • [40:47]  Paige and Lauren offer insight into how to identify key stakeholders and gain their buy-in when incorporating FutureSmart for the first time. 
  • [47:36] Questions for the Panel
    • What is the recommended implementation structure teachers should plan for?
    • How is student progress measured?
    • How is FutureSmart included in students’ grades?

Featured Resources

FutureSmart: The MassMutual Foundation has partnered with EVERFI to offer critical financial literacy for middle school students across the United States through the FutureSmart digital resource. FutureSmart empowers students to effectively manage their finances and plan for their career paths through a story-based narrative.

FutureSmart Lesson Plan: Paige Linnert’s specialized lesson plan to incorporate FutureSmart into your existing class structure.

Department of Labor Career Center: Career exploration page catered to students in K-12 to research and discover career interests.

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