Teens and Their Financial Futures


Meeting Students Where They Are

There’s no denying it’s an interesting time to teach financial education to teens. Research shows this generation’s relationship with money starkly contrasts the Millenials we taught before them. Gen Zers are incredibly frugal, conservative spenders who are highly cautious of debt.

They’re also the first workforce to grow up in the gig economy. More than 60 million Gen Zers are expected to join working America in the next few years, and many will opt for freelance work instead of a traditional 9-5.

During the webinar we’ll explore:

How should financial literacy adapt given these new money matters?

What top financial concepts and concerns are on the minds of teens according to research?

What are the key tenants to a comprehensive personal finance program in high school?

Attendees will receive:

  • A certificate for 1 hour of professional development
  • Free access to the new EVERFI: Financial Literacy for High School lessons

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Our Experts

Dr. Dan Zapp

Dr. Dan Zapp

Dan Zapp is Senior Director of Research at EVERFI. Dan focuses on assessing the knowledge, attitudinal, and behavioral impact of EVERFI's blended-learning experiences, as well as collaborating with external researchers to improve understanding and advance policy and practice in whole child education. He earned a PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology from George Mason University in 2011.

Sneha Patel

Sneha Patel

Sneha Patel is Senior Product Manager for K-12 Financial Education at EVERFI. She earned a Masters in Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. A former teacher, Sneha taught 2nd and 3rd grades, as well as K-5 reading intervention at a Title I school. Sneha came to EVERFI to broaden her impact by developing incredible digital learning experiences for students and teachers.