The Psychology of Technology | Webinar

What Science Tells Us About Student Digital Wellness

GenZ is a web-savvy, app-happy, mobile-dependent generation who view their devices as extensions of themselves. When technology is foundational to identity, there’s a lot at stake, both to a student’s current emotional wellbeing and long-term digital footprint. This is why educators must teach beyond digital citizenship.

Our team sat down with Dr. Larry Rosen, an international expert in the “psychology of technology,” to discuss thoughtful teaching strategies for digital wellness, tailored for the adolescent brain. Together with Jacquie Moen, EVERFI’s Sr. Director of Social-Emotional-Learning Development, Dr. Rosen offers his thoughts on task-switching, metacognitive skills, and activities for strengthening students’ digital wellness. Jacquie also takes us behind the scenes of new lessons in online safety and digital citizenship.

To close, Lauren Pingul, Senior Manager of Implementation, shares best practices and extension ideas for bringing digital wellness directly to your students.

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Ignition: Digital Wellness & Safety helps students take practical steps to protect their own privacy, safety, and emotional health online through six lessons on digital responsibility. Each 20-minute lesson contains pre- and post-quizzes that automatically report to a teacher’s dashboard, and offline discussion questions to help guide a conversation with your students.

#DigCit Toolkit: This toolkit provides extension opportunities for celebrating Digital Citizenship Month this October at your school.

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