6 Keys to Unlocking Career and College Readiness | Webinar

With graduation in sight, your students might be wondering what exactly happens next. Keys To Your Future – College and Career Readiness is EVERFI’s newest digital resource to help you equip your students with the tools they need to move confidently towards higher education and their preferred career path.

Keys To Your Future will prepare your students for a variety of post-secondary options by providing them with critical skills such as soft skill development, financial guidance, and transferable skills to help students plan and achieve personal goals, for success now and in the future.

Listen in as we chat with Mary Finn, Supervisor of College and Career Readiness in the San Francisco Unified School District, and Jay Jacobs, Director of Enrollment & Admissions Operations at the University of Miami, experts in college admissions and career support to explore six keys to cracking career and college readiness.

Webinar Recording

6 Keys to Unlocking Career and College Readiness Deck

Takeaways from 6 Keys To Unlocking Career and College Readiness

  • Encourage students to understand themselves and their interests. They should be taking those into account when deciding on a school, major or career to pursue.
  • Meet students where they are with career and college readiness lessons rather than catering only to the “ideal” high school graduate. 
  • Coach students in creating a strong application. Strategies include teaching your students to “shop” for the most affordable school that is also the best fit for them socially and academically, encourage students to be strong advocates for themselves and use their unique voice in essays.
  • Upskilling and reskilling are the future for businesses. Ensure lessons focus on adaptability and social-emotional skills for the long haul.
  • Questions for the Panel
    • What skills do incoming college freshmen need to have before they arrive on campus?
    • How can educators encourage students to stay motivated in working past a fear of failure or feeling like they are unable to advocate for themselves?
    • How can students prepare for college or job interviews?
    • What advice can you offer to students who lack parental support in pursuing higher education?

Featured Resources

Keys To Your Future – College and Career Readiness: Keys To Your Future is a digital course created in partnership with UBS to help teachers deliver critical career and college readiness skills to high school students.

Action PlansThese action plans correlate which each lesson in Keys To Your Future and provide your students with guiding questions and specific goals to reach in order to progress in their journey towards career and college readiness.

Scholar Snapp: This helpful resource will make applications for your students faster and easier than ever by saving their information and allowing them to reuse it when applying for different scholarships.

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