Webinar | Empowering from Afar with Social Emotional Learning

Although most of our social interactions these days occur at a distance, helping students work on social emotional skills can still have a big impact. Developing courage and grit, strong communication, and empathy can all help students make the most of their time in quarantine.

In this webinar, EVERFI teams up with expert educators, Dr. Melisa Marsh & Jenny Watson, to share strategies for incorporating social emotional learning into your remote learning plan. Join us for tried-and-true best practices and innovative ideas to address your community’s current learning environment.

Webinar Recording

Empowering from Afar with Social Emotional Learning presentation

Social Emotional Learning Resources from EVERFI

  • The Compassion Project: The Compassion Project is the first comprehensive, no-cost program designed to promote compassion education and help educators facilitate lessons around fundamental SEL skills for students in grades 2-4, focusing on the complex but critical skill of compassion
  • Ignition: Digital Wellness & Safety: Ignition: Digital Wellness and Safety is a digital literacy curriculum designed to provide students with the information they need to safely and confidently navigate the digital world.
  • Character PlaybookCharacter Playbook is an innovative digital character education program that uses engaging social-emotional learning activities to educate students about cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships during their critical middle school years.
  • Honor Code: Honor Code takes a practical approach to bullying prevention by empowering students to create positive change in their school community, whether they’re engaging in bullying, on the receiving end of it, or witnessing it in their school.
  • Mental Wellness Basics: Mental Wellness Basics is a digital resource that introduces middle and high school students to mental health education. Stigma associated with mental health can have serious and negative impacts on help-seeking behaviors, and many mental health conditions and symptoms can be significantly lessened through prevention.

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