Webinar | Remote Learning & Health Education for Districts

The long-term impact of remote learning on our student populations has yet to be determined, but we know that when it comes to health education, doing nothing is not an option. Students are more interested and aware of their personal wellness and health than ever before. Given the gravity of today’s public health situation, now is the time to empower educators to address this crises and to share their knowledge with students to help them make well-informed decisions.

David Schmidt, Health and Physical Education Chair at North Allegheny School District and Tajuana Williams, Director of Mental Health Services at DeSoto County School District, share how their school districts are addressing health and physical education in our new normal. They share best practices for connecting with parents and students, including specific online and offline resources that are empowering health educators and students in their states during remote learning.

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Remote Learning & Health Education for Districts presentation

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