Leaders across the world are embroiled in a fight to slow the escalation of COVID-19. These global efforts are unprecedented, but not new. They are the basis of a public-health approach to prevention: keep healthy people healthy, reduce the risk for those who are more vulnerable, and increase the capacity to respond to those who require treatment. Imagine for a moment if we adopted this same approach to the current prescription drug crisis in America. 

For over two decades, a complicated mix of social, cultural, and economic factors have collectively contributed to prescription drug abuse becoming one of the most complex issues of our time. This report takes a deeper look at how we got here, policies and programs put into place over the past decade that may be helping to make inroads on this complex social issue, and steps for where we go next. 

Download our whitepaper, State of Prescription Drug Safety, and you’ll learn:

  • The landscape of the prescription drug crisis in America
  • Contributing factors to what got us to where we are today
  • Where do we go from here