Charting the Path Forward: National Trends in Sexual Assault Prevention

In Collaboration With It's On Us

Explore National Data on Promising Trends and Continuing Challenges in Campus Sexual Assault Prevention

Charting the Path Forward highlights national data on promising trends and continuing challenges in campus sexual assault prevention. This white paper, which provides unprecedented insights on campus safety initiatives was developed in collaboration with It’s On Us.

Key Findings:

  • Nearly 50% of college presidents have spoken publicly about sexual assault three or more times in the past year; only a quarter of college presidents did not speak about sexual assault publicly in the past year;
  • While fewer than a third of campuses (27.9%) reported stable, consistent funding for evaluation efforts of their prevention programming, nearly all campuses are engaging in at least one evaluation effort of their prevention programming despite funding challenges;
  • Peer educators are playing an increasingly prominent role in delivering sexual assault prevention programming on campus; schools and colleges need to ensure peer educators receive appropriate supervision and training to fulfill their responsibilities successfully;
  • Significant differences in funding and staffing levels for prevention exist across institutions, particularly in relation to school size; increased investment in prevention is necessary for ongoing impact and progress.

Charting the Path Forward: National Trends in Sexual Assault Prevention

Learn the latest insights and best practices in prevention programming.