New Insights from a North American Survey of K-12 Educators

Across the globe, schools and their districts are currently faced with challenges that span across students and systems alike. From a systemic standpoint, school systems face constrained resources which often lead administrators to make challenging decisions about where to allocate limited funds. Student services and non-“academic” education, particularly related to topics that are deemed “soft skills” are areas that are often impacted the most.

Among students, challenges exist as well. Mental health, food and housing insecurity, reliance on digital devices, and the social and political climate can all impact academic performance. The CDC reports that, since 2007, suicides among youth ages 15-19 have increased significantly (31% for males and nearly double for females). Although schools have tried to resource this need through additional counseling and support staff, many are still seeking ways in which to prioritize or adopt a holistic approach to SEL.

Recognizing this, in the fall of 2019, researchers at EVERFI sent out a survey to EVERFI’s Educator Community to gain a deeper understanding of their first-hand perspectives on the issues most impacting today’s students. Nearly 3,500 teachers responded, representing all grade levels across all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They shared insights into their priorities, their challenges, areas that are currently working well, and areas where opportunities exist.

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