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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your workplace culture. These range from harassment and discrimination to staying compliant with state mandates. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more positive workplace.

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Why Harassment Training is Important for Your Organization

Progressive companies are coming to understand that better reasons for harassment training revolve around creating a safe and supportive work environment for all.

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Honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month in a Workplace Setting

Cultural diversity training, and training focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), can be good ways to recognize Hispanic and other employees and to raise awareness among employees.

Webinar | A Shifting Landscape of Workplace Challenges

60 minutes

A Panel Discussion with the EEOC, Proskauer, and EVERFI

[Video Podcast] Reimagining Workplace Culture

Listen to this podcast for a peek at ways workplace training has evolved and pitfalls to avoid when creating a positive workplace culture.

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What You Need to Know About Canadian Harassment Laws

If you operate businesses in Canada or have employees who work from there, it’s important to understand Canada’s harassment training laws.

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[Podcast] Discussing Sexual Harassment in the Virtual Workplace

With many organizations working in virtual or hybrid environments, it is important to understand sexual harassment in the virtual workplace.

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5 Ways to Develop More Effective Ethics Training

Ethics: It is important for organizations to be explicit about their expectations, offer training, and incorporate ethics into the culture.

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Back to School for Working Parents: Supporting Parents in the Workplace 

Learn why working parents are an important addition to any organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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Inclusive Meeting Checklist

Download our Inclusive Meetings Checklist to create meetings your team will love.

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Hybrid Workplace Data Security and Privacy: Why Hybrid Work Cybersecurity is Critical to Your Business Operations

With hybrid work, there are additional data security considerations. Are you closing the security gap at your organization?

Better Understand How to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

The changing DEI climate has made it important for organizations to understand how to manage diversity in the workplace.

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Building an Inclusive Hybrid Work Environment

Things to consider as organizations bring some employees back to the office.

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Harassment at Work: What is harassment and how can you prevent it?

Explore ways to prevent harassment in your organization. Preventing harassment at work is not an activity that is ever truly “done.”

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Make Sure Your Compliance Training Has an Impact on Employees

5 Best Practices from our experts