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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your workplace culture. These range from harassment and discrimination to staying compliant with state mandates. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more positive workplace.

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So You Want to Make Diversity a Priority

Learn why training for all of your employees is the strongest foundation for an effective DEI strategy.

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Inclusive Leadership Skills for Managers and Rising Leaders

Effective leadership is inclusive leadership.

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Key Diversity Resources for Managers and Team Leaders

To build an inclusive culture make sure your leaders have the tools to build inclusive teams.

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6 Steps for Getting DEI Training "Right"

Make sure that your training sticks and actually makes a difference by following these six steps.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Your Workplace

Your growth and success depends on your ability to build a culture of belonging. Learn how EVERFI can help!

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5 Building Blocks of Effective and Sustainable DEI Strategies

Learn how to authentically create sustainable progress towards your diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments.

Diversity Training:
Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Effective Online Training

Diversity Training in 2021 The importance of diversity training has never been…

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Evolve Your DEI Strategies for this Moment of Work

Join a conversation with the Big Ten Conference's VP of People and Culture on why they are prioritizing training as a critical part of their DEI strategy.

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Catchy Slogans Aren't Enough to Prevent Harassment

Get employees to play an active role in preventing harassment and discrimination.

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The First Step towards Pay Equity Is a Pay Audit

To address pay inequities holistically, companies must first determine their current state.

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Use Your Leadership Development Plans to Prevent Pay Inequities

Leaders must look at their policies and practices to actively develop equity.

When Your Talent Acquisition Process Causes Pay Equity Issues

To address some of the root causes of pay disparities, review critical talent acquisition and management processes that influence pay.

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HR & Compliance Training Overview

Watch this video to learn how EVERFI allows you to seamlessly deliver training to your employees, predict where you have problem areas, and benchmark your efforts against like organizations.

Diversity in Tech

Overcome the Challenges of Improving Diversity in Tech

I often remember this conversation as I think about the current set of challenges faced by organizations as they look for ways to diversify their workforce.