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At EVERFI, we take an evidence-based approach to tackle those important issues presenting challenges to your workplace culture. These range from harassment and discrimination to staying compliant with state mandates. Learn more from our team of experts to help you create a more positive workplace.

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6 data backed steps to make the case for DEI training cover of guide

[Guidebook] 6 Data-Driven Strategies to Make Your Case for DEI Training

Actionable data, strategies, and talking points to get your C-suite on board and move your DEI initiative forward

Graphic that shows three people collaborating on a project, with one person standing up and the other two looking at a graph on a desk.

[Webinar] How to Reduce Bias and Improve Your DEI

60 min.

Learn data, insights, and tools to help put your DEI plan into action this year

A woman sitting at a desk and a man bent over her looking like he's agressively saying something close to her face

Sexual Harassment Statistics: An In-Depth Breakdown

These sexual harassment statistics shed light on how serious an issue sexual harassment is for most organizations — and why it’s so important employers take steps to proactively prevent it.

6 Effective Diversity Training Strategies to Maximize Participation

What makes an effective diversity program? And how do you get your employees and leaders to complete DEI training?

Two businesspeople drinking coffee together outside an office

[Infographic] New Data: Mitigating Biases When Building a Diverse Team

New research from EVERFI and Greenhouse reveals critical gap in bias-reducing hiring strategies and workplace education

How to Prevent Employee Burnout by Creating a Better Workplace

A renewed focus on workplace culture can help prevent employee burnout.

Person smiling and working on a laptop and table at home.

It’s 2022: Time to Rethink Employee Well-Being

Now more than ever, meeting employee expectations for well-being is critical to attract and retain top talent.

COVID Vaccine Mandate: What Employers Need to Know

Practical tips employers can use to create compliant vaccination policies


How to Attract and Retain Talented Employees in 2022

How to build a workplace culture where employees want to join, stay, and grow amidst the “Great Resignation.”

Two people sitting at a table and one is holding a clip board checking off items on the paper.

5 Unexpected Unconscious Bias Examples

Cognitive biases can lead to unfair judgments and decision-making at work.

Binders with papers stacked on top of each other

How to Navigate a Complex Legislative Landscape

Stay on top of continually changing regulations that may make your organization subject to risk

An open calendar on a desk showing the first few months of 2022

Top 10 Blog Posts: Workplace Culture Edition

Information and insights to help HR, DEI, and compliance leaders plan for 2022

Diverse group of employees sitting in a conference room for a meeting talking with another employee attending virtually on a monitor.

New Year, New Priorities: 2022 Workplace Culture Trends

Top 6 workplace culture trends — and how HR can take action.

How to Talk to Employees About Layoffs with Compassionate Communication

During times of economic crisis, whether on a global or local scale, organizations sometimes have to make incredibly painful decisions.