Heading Back to School with EVERFI

As we head back to school amidst changing demands and contingency plans, all educators need a rock-solid plan to engage students and reinforce their learning this year.

Right now most of us are looking for the best standards-aligned resources that both address the critical skills students need and are easy to implement and monitor – whether in the classroom or remote environments. EVERFI is your partner in turnkey digital lessons developed by subject matter experts, all at no cost. Last year we helped teachers support more than 3 million students in developing skills like building a budget, resolving conflict amongst friends, supporting friends in seeking help for addiction and mental health issues, navigating early literacy, and making STEM come to life.

In this session, we will explore the latest digital resources from EVERFI, best practices for supporting student learning, and methods to help build a strong classroom culture, whether remotely or in-person. Join us on September 10th at 4 PM ET / 3 PM CT to learn more.

Attendees will receive:

  • 1 hour PD certificate for technology integration
  • Your Classroom Culture Toolkit, complete with lessons, activities and relevant articles
  • The latest on new releases and content for Fall 2020
  • WORD Force

    Acting as the commander of a rag-tag group of superheroes called the WORD Force, K-2 students develop a foundation in key reading skills by leveling-up through fun and impactful literacy games. You can request the course on your EVERFI dashboard.

  • Endeavor: STEM Career Exploration

    Endeavor is a first-of-its-kind interactive program designed for exploring STEM careers for middle school students. This year, we added a new module about video game design. Future designers - start your engines!

  • Screen capture of online course 306- African American History

    306: African American History

    We find ourselves in a moment where the dialogue about racism - both systemic and interpersonal, is happening across the nation. 306: African American History tells a unique story of the people, places and events that aren’t often highlighted as a significant part of the American story.