Classroom Mental Health: Wellness Strategies for Students (and Teachers!)

Mental health is an important element of total health and wellness. Research shows that equipping students with knowledge and tools such as cognitive-behavioral skills not only improves their ability to deal with stressful situations but also lays the groundwork for preventing significant mental health issues in the future.

Join EVERFI, Ross Szabo, award-winning mental health advocate, and Michelle Sircy, Counselor Specialist with Jefferson County Public Schools (KY), for a deep dive into best practices for fostering mental wellness in your classroom.

Webinar Recording

Classroom Mental Health Webinar

Key Takeaways for Mental Wellness Instruction

  • [2:32] EVERFI’s Zach Wagner shares foundations in teaching and understanding mental wellness.
  • [5:09] Ross Szabo, Wellness Director of the Geffen Academy at UCLA, introduces four ways you can successfully bring mental wellness to your classroom: Reframing, Modeling, Supporting Students, and Combating Stigma.
  • [12:05] Ross explains the wellness spectrum and why your position on the spectrum is constantly fluctuating.
  • [18:46] Michelle Sircy, Counselor Specialist at Jefferson County Public Schools, explains how teachers are the first line of defense in mental wellness education, and walks us through understanding warning signs to look for in students who may be out of balance.
  • [28:08] Michelle shares strategies and lessons to take into your schools and classroom to build a more positive environment and create spaces that foster mental wellness.
  • [38:02] Zach highlights resources to help you introduce your students to mental health, including first access to EVERFI’s newest resource, Mental Wellness Basics.   
  • [40:17] Finally, the panel addresses audience questions including:
    • Do you have suggestions for teachers to better manage their work-life balance?
    • How do you get students to take mental wellness more seriously?
    • What’s the difference between trauma informed vs. resilience informed education?

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Featured Resources:

Mental Wellness Basics In Your Classroom or School

Teachers, students, and schools can access Mental Wellness Basics at no cost thanks to the support of EVERFI partners.

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New Teacher: Register your account at, click +Additional Courses once logged in, and select Mental Wellness Basics. 
Current EVERFI teacher: Simply click on +Additional Courses from your dashboard and select Mental Wellness Basics. 

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