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Kickstarting a Compassionate Classroom Slide Deck

Key Takeaways for SEL Instruction

  • [4:26] Luke Erickson, EVERFI Implementation Specialist, introduces the five core competencies of SEL instruction as well as the hierarchal degrees of SEL implementation. 
  • [7:04] Beginning with Organic Opportunities, or those unplanned times when student conflicts or struggles present an ideal chance to teach SEL strategies, Mrs. Karen Clancy shares strategies from her elementary classroom.
  • [17:50] Next, Luke & Karen focus on teacher-led practices like establishing SEL rituals through Dedicated Time, and intentionally weaving SEL into existing lessons and other academic subjects to enhance overall Classroom Culture.
  • [24:10] Then, Principal Gracia and School Counselor Nicole Scott offer opportunities to bring SEL to life in the entire building with School Culture initiatives that have been successful for students, parents, and staff at Oak Knoll.
  • [51:36] Finally, the panel shares resources for getting started with SEL and addresses audience questions.

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Featured Resources:

  • The Compassion Project: The Compassion Project consists of 15 offline lessons and 3 digital activities. Each lesson includes an activity, a short (2-minute) video, and takes under 45 minutes to complete.
  • Activities like Kindness of the Day: Lessons 13-15 offer opportunities for challenging your students to new kindness experiences daily and for their community. (Accessible in the EVERFI Teacher Resource Center for The Compassion Project)
  • Oak Knoll Counselor’s Corner: Monthly Lessons and Book List from our speakers
  • Stoke Deck: The Stoke Deck is a collection of activities used to boost energy, create focus, get personal, nurture camaraderie, and communicate mindsets.
  • The Center for Healthy Minds: Extensive research on mindfulness and compassion.


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