Empowering High School Students with Voice and Choice | Webinar

Prescription drug abuse is a growing issue, and opioid abuse is now the leading cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. With one in five high school seniors reporting that they have misused prescription drugs, reaching students early is now more important than ever.

Hear from experts with Walmart, Rise Above Colorado, the FBI, and EVERFI on the current landscape of prevention education, the science of addiction, and resources for bringing prevention education to your high school students.

Webinar Recording

Empowering High School Students with Voice and Choice Slide Deck

Key Takeaways for Building a Framework on Prevention Instruction

  • [2:58]  State of the Opioid Epidemic
  • [15:28]  Myths and Facts
  • [26:32]  The Science of Addiction
  • [36:23]  Empowering Teens with Voice and Choice
  • [46:42]  Prevention in the Classroom
  • [51:00] Questions for the Panel
    • How is vaping harmful outside the possible unknown items in the cartridges and addiction to nicotine?
    • What drugs are considered opioids? What are particularly popular prescription drugs among teens?
    • How can educators do their part to teach their students to combat stigma around addiction?

Featured Resources

Prescription Drug Safety: Prescription Drug Safety is an evidence-informed digital program that takes students through interactive scenarios and self-guided activities to help them learn about a range of topics, including the science of addiction, how to properly use and dispose of prescription drugs, and how to intervene when faced with a situation involving drug misuse.

A Framework for K-12 Prevention Education: A tool for evaluating the intended behaviors and student knowledge outcomes your curriculum addresses.

Rise Above Colorado: Explore information and resources to address teen vaping, developed by students.

SAMHSA: Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for treatment information.

U.S. Department of Justice: Visit the Diversion Control Division website for information on proper drug disposal.

Prescription Drug Safety In Your Classroom or School

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