Real World Readiness: Career and Financial Education

Design Thinking in the Classroom

By the time students reach middle school, they’re already developing early entrepreneurial skills, career aspirations and perceptions, and the capacity to make financial judgments and decisions. Today’s students are already forming the habits and mindsets that will inform their future decisions about which careers they will pursue and how they manage their finances. What can we, as educators, do to make sure they’re building healthy habits?

This edWebinar introduces educators to FutureSmart, a digital resource for middle school students focusing on career exploration, money management, and entrepreneurship, provided across the nation by the MassMutual Foundation. Hear from real educators about how they integrate these no-cost lessons into their curriculum and the extension activities they use to further connect student learning to the real world.

For every student that feels the pressure to know their path after high school, this activity is a necessary release valve. Educators who view this edWebinar will receive access to free blended-learning lessons focused on developing students’ financial literacy, entrepreneurial, and career readiness skills.

Attendees will receive:

  • A certificate for 1 hour of professional learning
  • Access to the free digital lessons from FutureSmart, a middle school financial literacy and career readiness tool, provided by the MassMutual Foundation