Alcohol Awareness and Prevention for College Students

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Alcohol abuse doesn’t just put college students' safety and health at risk, but greatly threatens the ability of colleges and universities to achieve their institutional missions. Join the 500+ campus already using AlcoholEdu® as alcohol education that provides awareness training, alcohol abuse prevention, and safe drinking tips for college students.

AlcoholEdu for First Year Students

Designed for students entering college, this interactive online program uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol and other drugs. This course includes tailored content that will:

  • Engage abstainers, light to moderate drinkers, and frequent drinkers with customized messaging
  • Educate students on the mental and physical the effects of alcohol
  • Prepare students to engage in bystander intervention

AlcoholEdu is used by 36% of all incoming first years at four-year institutions and it the only alcohol awareness and drinking prevention program proven to reduce negative alcohol-related consequences among students.

AlcoholEdu for Ongoing Students

Research shows that prevention education is most effective when students engage with the material regularly during their time in college. AlcoholEdu Ongoing:

  • Builds on material in our previous course and offers students tips and strategies for responsible drinking based on their current drinking habits and readiness for change
  • Augments students' ability to intervene and support other students with additional bystander intervention strategies
  • Includes unique content for students who choose not to drink in college in order to continue to support healthy decision-making

Annually reinforce critical lessons to help students lead healthier, more productive college lives.


Our courses use realistic scenarios students can relate to as well as interactive elements that keep learners engaged throughout the course. Most importantly, the training is written by prevention education and compliance experts.


  • Overview of Key Definitions
  • Myths and Misperceptions
  • Alcohol and Motivation
  • Standard Drink
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration
  • Key Strategies for Drinkers
  • Key Strategies for Non-Drinkers
  • Bystander Intervention Skills
  • Academic Brain Science
  • Media Literacy and Expectations
  • Alcohol and the Law
  • College, Drinking and Stress


TIME:1-3 Hours
PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS:Pre and Post-Exams and Behavioral Surveys
AUDIENCE:First Year & Continuing Students

Part of EVERFI's Campus Prevention Network

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