Why AlcoholEdu for College™ is the Largest Online Course in Higher Education

Much to the dismay of students, parents, educators, administrators and college presidents, the culture of drinking on campus at many colleges and universities still prevails. While headlines are dominated by stories of negative consequences associated with drinking, schools are struggling to implement scalable alcohol and other drug prevention education across their campuses. That’s where EverFi comes in.

This fall, over 230,000 college students will take EverFi’s flagship higher education course, AlcoholEdu for College™. That number represents nearly 1/3 of all first-year students at America’s four-year higher education institutions and it continues to grow every year. There’s a reason AlcoholEdu has grown into the largest online course in higher education, (with over 4 million student completions to date), and it’s because of one thing: assumptions — we don’t make them. We don’t assume that every college student drinks and we don’t assume that every student has the same attitudes and behaviors towards drinking.

In fact, we know that at least 1/3 of the student population at most campuses don’t consume alcohol. So, we ensure that ALL students have a chance to benefit from our course and absorb information tailored specifically to their own experience. We do this by providing multiple pathways for students to move through our course. Whether they are abstainers, moderate drinkers, or heavy drinkers, each student receives relevant content, personalized feedback and practical strategies that are appropriate for their needs. And, regardless of their path, every student receives a base level education on alcohol, since even an abstainer may try alcohol at some point. There are a number of courses in the market today that start with the assumption that every student drinks alcohol and is sexually active, AlcoholEdu is not one of those courses.

This summer we’re unveiling the latest release of the course, complete with a newly designed user experience, interactive activities, engaging modules and informative data to help define ongoing campus programming. Check out an overview video to see why over 550 campuses are using AlcoholEdu for College.

AlcoholEdu for College Overview Video from EverFi on Vimeo.