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For too long, campus health and safety challenges—including sexual assault and high-risk drinking—have seemed insurmountable. But not anymore. Colleges and universities across the country are deepening their commitment to prevention and sharing strategies for tackling these challenges before harm happens.

The Campus Prevention Network (CPN) was created to help higher education institutions take on the issues that matter most. Whether it’s sexual assault and harassment, alcohol and drug abuse, wellness and mental health or diversity and inclusion, the CPN provides tools, resources and insights to support schools in driving lasting, large-scale change.

Learn more about our areas of impact and find out how 1,700+ colleges and universities are using the CPN Framework for Comprehensive Prevention to advance their health and safety initiatives and build thriving campus communities.

Approach & Areas of Impact

  • Innovative Research

    Prevention tools and resources leverage known best practices and groundbreaking data insights to maximize impact.

  • Promising Prevention Strategies

    Impactful approaches for making breakthrough progress on the critical health and safety issues impacting the lives of our students, staff and faculty.

  • handshake

    Network & Best Practice Sharing

    Opportunities to learn from and benchmark against peer institutions, tapping into the collective wisdom of this nationwide network.

Our Partners

Take a look at the full list of higher education institutions committed to making large-scale impact on the health and safety of their communities through prevention best practices.

  • University of Southern California
  • Dartmouth College
  • Loyola University
CPN Summit Network Event

Engage with peers and explore strategies for enhancing prevention efforts at your school by attending our upcoming CPN Summit event.

Learn more about the CPN Summit

Join the Network

Show your commitment to campus safety by pledging to engage in prevention best practice and assess your impact.

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