The Campus Prevention Network is committed to elevating the visibility of partner campuses that demonstrate commitment to the highest standards of prevention. To join the network, campuses must take a pledge to assess their efforts and commit to the best practices outlined in the CPN’s Framework for Comprehensive Prevention shown below.

Our Approach

Framework for Comprehensive Prevention

    The degree of system-wide buy-in, visible commitment, and meaningful investment in effective prevention initiative.


    The strategic, collaborative, and research informed translation of resources (staff/budget) into effective policies and program.


    The values and expectations of the institution and its community, and the system of accountability to uphold and enforce them.


    The intentional development, multi-modal design, and targeted delivery of prevention programs and messages that will maximize impact.

The Pledge

As part of the pledge, participating colleges and universities gain access to our exclusive Diagnostic Inventories. These comprehensive, research-based assessments provide a personalized feedback report with benchmarking insights and best practice recommendations for supporting the ongoing growth and improvement of your prevention efforts.

To get started, take the pledge today and we’ll be in touch with more information about how your school can take full advantage of the benefits offered through membership in the Campus Prevention Network.