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Higher Education Compliance Training for Faculty & Staff

Create safe, positive campus workplaces with EVERFI’s Higher Ed faculty & staff trainings.  Our courses support higher education compliance requirements, helping you deliver critical information to your workforce.

Complete with engaging online trainings that cover a range of critical prevention and compliance topics, EVERFI’s dynamic digital curricula helps administrators provide relevant faculty training and drive impact around key issues like sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, data security, and more.

Focus Areas

Empowering and Protecting Faculty & Staff
  • Title IX & Clery

    Empowering faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to support students and maintain positive, healthy workplaces.

  • Risk Management

    Addressing the critical challenges and opportunities of creating safe, ethical, and inclusive campus communities.

  • Information Security

    Educating campus employees on the sensitivities of data and privacy to protect the information ecosystem on campus.

  • NCAA Athletics

    Trainings for student-athletes and athletic administrators help schools meet requirements of the NCAA Sexual Violence Policy.

Title IX Training and Compliance Resources

Get information and articles on Clery & Title IX training and compliance from the leader in campus prevention & compliance training.

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