Driving Consumer & Community Financial Capability

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Improve Consumer Financial Health, and Your Bottom Line

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Learn how Navigant Credit Union is driving impact to lead generation, online engagement and conversion rates as part of a content marketing strategy that leads with financial education.

 Financial Services Products

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Provide your consumers with financial education that acts as content marketing for products and services on your bank website.


Sponsor financial education within schools across your local or national footprints.


In-person tracking and reporting to empower your volunteers and improve your outcomes.

 Financial Institutions Use EverFi
to Empower Consumers and Communities

Our 800+ financial institution partners span the country and represent every asset size.


Completion Rate of Online Financial Education

University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union has achieved an 87% completion rate of their online financial education and have engaged 1 in 3 website visitors with their auto loan program.

Navigant Credit Union has partnered with EverFi to improve the financial lives of members through targeted and scalable financial education.


Knowledge Gain from Online Program

Washington Federal has seen a 87% improvement in student financial knowledge after launching their Financial Scholars Program in select schools in communities facing financial strain.

“Together with EverFi, we’re building a pipeline of potentially credit-worthy new members for the future.”

Jonathan Hanson, MBA, Product Marketing Manager
Community First Credit Union

Financial Services Blog Posts

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Marketing to Millennials: What Not to Do

As the millennial generation ages into more prominent jobs and accumulates greater wealth, banks and credit unions are quickly realizing they need to improve their financial marketing strategy to attract this elusive demographic. But despite the fact that this generation seems to be online at all times, it takes more than a fancy website to make […]

SOS: Why Your Financial Marketing Strategy Needs Saving

The internet is awash in articles about digital marketing, but many banks and credit unions are still not taking full advantage of technology to connect with customers and prospects. But today, if you are not leveraging technology to make your services as accessible as possible, you’re losing out to the competition. Let’s take a look […]

Uplift and Enlighten: Community Financial Education

For Washington Federal, giving back to the community is a vital part of their company mission. And by teaming up with EverFi, Washington Federal was able to create an outreach program that delivers community financial education to those who need it the most. Individual employees play a key role in the bank’s outreach program, as they […]

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Harvard Case Study

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