Meet the Team Behind the Tech

EVERFI Founders - Tom Davidson, Jon Chapman, and Ray Martinez

To EVERFI, it’s not just about technology—it’s about using today’s tools to open new doors of opportunity through education. It’s our people, and our passion, that push the needle forward in advancing education’s evolution. From grade school classrooms to executive boardrooms, our team behind the tech has taken EVERFI to the focal points of education’s new frontier.

Tom Davidson

Founder & CEO

Jon Chapman

President and Co-Founder

Ray Martinez

President and Co-Founder

Ellen Patterson

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Fuller

President, EVERFI International

Sonya Udler

Chief Communications Officer

Justin Windholtz

Head of Engineering

Dan Grace

Head of Product

Stefanie Greene

Director Human Resources

Lauren Bernstein

Executive Vice President, Account Management

Jessica Barlett

Senior Vice President, K-12 Operations

Alice Lee

Senior Vice President, K-12 Implementation

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