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Going Beyond Basic Corporate Compliance Training

The latest guidelines from The Department of Justice show it's no longer enough to train your employees on what constitutes unethical behavior. Global ethics and compliance training must demonstrate an effort to instill company values, promote ethical conduct, and integrate data.

DOJ Guidelines

  • Training & Communications
  • Reinforce compliance training with ongoing and consistent reinforcement.
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Create and foster a culture of ethics and compliance with the law.
  • Measurement of Effectiveness
  • Determine if learners have retained knowledge and built skills through climate surveys or other means.
  • "Tone at the Top"
  • Leaders demonstrate commitment to the business ethics requirements.

EVERFI Approach

  • Programming
  • Prevention training, programs, and communication strategies that maximize engagement and drive impact.
  • Policy
  • Reinforce compliance training with ongoing and consistent reinforcement.
  • Critical Processes
  • Using goal setting, strategic planning, and data analysis to inform and evaluate prevention work.
  • Institutionalization
  • Systemwide buy-in, visible commitment, and investment in effective prevention initiatives.

Explore Popular Courses in the Ethics and Compliance Package

Code of Conduct

Reinforce your code of conduct through customizable training for the workplace that details how to identify conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and antitrust laws.

Anti-Corruption for Third Parties

Ensure that your partners and other third parties protect your interests by following global anti-corruption laws, your corporate policies, and your code of conduct.

FCPA: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Review global anti-corruption laws and guide employees on how to avoid and prevent unintentional violations.

Anti-Corruption & Bribery Compliance

Explore high-risk situations and teach your employees how to identify violations of anti-corruption laws through relatable scenarios.


Navigate the complex maze of antitrust laws and regulations governing trade and competition in the marketplace.

Conflicts of Interest at Work

Teach your employees how to identify conflicts of interest and uphold your organization's integrity in difficult situations.

Course Preview

Interactive Knowledge Checks

Assess knowledge gains through "choose your own adventure" style quizzes that assess learners ability to respond appropriately in difficult ethical situations.

Set Expectations Companywide

Consistent messaging and tone across the organization is key to ensuring that your entire workforce is comfortable with these difficult topics.

EVERFI Workplace Insights

Deliver real-time, anonymized dashboards to measure the experiences of your employees and inform areas or topics for reinforcement and further training.

"I'm really excited about the platform that we have to help move the dial and influence the discussion around culture."

Shannon Sorrells

Senior Legal Counsel for Ethics, Compliance, and Employment Law