Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Education For All Of Your Stakeholders

Become an ally for employees, students, and communities by providing critical, life skills education that helps address systemic inequities and prejudices in an enduring way.

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The State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education

Today’s generation of young people are socially conscious and activism-inclined, and positive brands and workplace cultures are increasingly critical priorities for many businesses and institutions. EVERFI has established a lifetime approach to our courses to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in actionable and age-appropriate ways.

42% of educators feel that diversity and inclusion is one of the top issues impacting students.

67%of job seekers consider diversity an important factor when considering employment opps.

76% of consumers say engagement in the broader community is important to brand reputation.

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Lay The Groundwork For Change

Sponsoring DEI education in your communities is an innovative approach in fighting racial injustices and helping to create conscientious citizens for a better future. Interactive online education, school events, and custom reporting dashboards will help show you the impact you are making.

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Inclusive Workplaces

Strengthen Your Workplace

Provide a robust set of training and resources to employees to support diverse recruitment efforts, foster an inclusive workplace, and build a positive culture.

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Build Equity In Your Communities

Identify areas of need, like financial literacy, mental wellness, prescription drug safety, and more, for K-12 students and adults that help to combat systemic inequities through education.

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The Compassion Project