Preventing Harassment & Discrimination

Revolutionize Your Approach to Workplace Harassment Prevention Training


Activate your healthy majority with EVERFI’s new Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Course. Teach and train employees through immersive interactive online scenarios. Enable employees to practice the skills of what they should do to contribute to a harassment-free culture versus a more traditional focus on what not to do.

This workplace harassment training course complies with state-mandated workplace harassment prevention training requirements such as AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396, SB 1343, the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Law, and NY Labor Law Sec. 201-g.


  • Bite-sized content with total course time between 60-120 minutes
  • Differentiated workplace harassment training content for supervisors and non-supervisors
  • Flexible learning modules to fit your needs


  • Building Positive Workplaces Sets the stage for discussing a positive workplace culture through bystander intervention training.
  • Recognizing Discrimination Teaches learners to be more aware of discrimination, protected categories, bias in the workplace, and the impacts of discriminatory behavior.
  • Cultivating Attitudes & Identifying Harassment Addresses the barriers to intervention and upstream behaviors including microaggressions, hostile work environments, quid pro quo harassment, and bullying.
  • Taking Action Against Retaliation Defines and identifies retaliation, how to report harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and the penalties for misconduct.
  • Leading Healthy Workplaces Provides managers the skills to communicate with and support employees when they learn of concerning behavior, plus this module provides managers with reporting tools.
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An Evidence-Based Online Compliance Training Solution

Easily deploy customizable, compliant, and effective sexual harassment training to support a professional and inclusive workplace.

Fresh Approach

We flipped our training philosophy to focus on your healthy majority and activate bystanders.

Instructional Design

Cutting edge design using best practices to engage your entire workforce and build critical skills.

Skill-Building Exercises

Tools to upskill your workforce to become proactive contributors to a great workplace.

Workplace Insights

Accurate and timely data for HR and compliance leaders to guide organizational workplace harassment prevention training initiatives.

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All content is available online on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices to offer flexibility for your workforce.

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Our platform empowers HR admins to take advantage of flexible user assignments, track progress, and monitor completion rates.