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Provide digital health and wellness education to your students, communities, and associates through EVERFI’s mental health platforms.

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Our Approach

Mental health is a topic that impacts us all, and will take all of us to make an impact. We require education on a variety of topics to strengthen our intellect: math, science, reading, and social studies. At EVERFI, we believe that learning the skills to protect our brain should also be an essential component of education across the lifespan.

0%of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated (WHO, 2020)
0%of students in college experience a significant mental health issue (Active Minds, 2020)
0%of millennials and 75% of Gen-Z’ers have left a job for mental health reasons (Mind Share Partners, 2019)

How it Works

EVERFI is an interactive, digital learning solution that gives your organization the ability to deliver health and wellness education to your communities — wherever they are.

Our Education Solutions

At EVERFI, we know that mental health is not a topic that exists in silos. Mental health is also connected to:

Financial Wellness

People in problem debt are significantly more likely to experience mental health problems, and people with mental health problems are also more likely to be in problem debt. (Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, 2019)

Financial difficulty drastically reduces recovery rates for common mental health conditions. People with depression and problem debt are 4.2 times more likely to still have depression 18 months later, compared to people without financial difficulty. (Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, 2019)

People in problem debt are three times as likely to have thought about suicide in the past year. (Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, 2019)

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Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion
Substance Misuse
0+learners impacted through EVERFI's mental wellness courses
0%of students agreed that they would intervene to try and help a peer who was struggling with their mental health
0%of students agreed that seeking help for their mental health would make a positive difference

Thank You to Our Partners

“Educating high school students about mental wellness is an essential activity to help teens understand how to care for their own mental health, to increase the likelihood they will seek help if they are struggling; and that they will notice and know how to help if a peer may be struggling.”

John MacPhee, Executive Director & CEO, JED Foundation

The topics are relevant to the conversation staff in schools are having. Being able to educate staff on how they can incorporate mental wellness and health into their daily lessons have been proven to be effective and will increase students' wellness and the schools climate. The lessons are easy to understand, and what would be perceived for some as lengthy is always jam-packed with information so it never seems dull or long.”

Teacher, New Jersey

“I liked that this course chose to discuss topics like anxiety, depression, and suicide because they are very important to understand in today's world. I think that this course would be very helpful to many of those who have a stigmatized impression of mental health.  I have social anxiety and I know that a lot of the symptoms and coping strategies are things I have faced and worked with. This course will help many to see that mental health is important and that no one is alone.”

Student, California

EVERFI Can Help You:

Provide just-in-time, digital learning experiences to equip your communities with the strategies and best practices to manage mental wellness.

Deliver population-level prevention education to help make long-term, positive progress in the mental health crisis

Bring scalable and measurable solutions to reach your most critical audiences.

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