EVERFI Empowered Seal

Awarded to K-12 districts and schools with an exemplary commitment to whole-child education.

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The Empowered Seal Explained

The EVERFI Empowered Seal is a designation awarded to K-12 school districts and individual schools that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to whole-child education through the use of EVERFI’s comprehensive, evidence-informed digital programs.

These programs inform and empower students on critical issues including financial literacy, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, inclusion, and college and career readiness.  Educating the whole child not only impacts how healthy, engaged and productive students are during school but also their well-being and success far beyond the K-12 years.

Earning the Empowered Seal

EVERFI’s team of subject matter experts and curriculum designers established criteria that a district or school must meet to earn our K-12 Empowered Seal. These criteria, outlined below, are in accordance with the Principles of Effective Prevention Programs published by Nation, et al. (2003).

  • Efficacy-based Programs: accurate, supported by research, diverse instructional methods
  • Well-trained Staff: educators implementing the program receive high-quality training
  • Appropriate Placement: correct grade-level and timing, meets curriculum standards
  • Sufficient Reach: courses deployed to an entire grade-level with high usage and completion
  • Outcomes Evaluated: results reviewed to ensure student impact and knowledge gain
  • For more information on how your school or district can earn EVERFI’s Empowered Seal, contact us!

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Recognition for High-Impact Schools and Districts

For more than a decade, EVERFI has supported school districts with online educational programming. During that time, we have been continually impressed by the commitments of so many districts to transformational change in the interest of equity and the well-being of their students. The Empowered Seal honors and elevates the visibility of those school districts meeting high standards for student wellness and whole-child education, and serves as a signal of this commitment to their communities.