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EVERFI High School Financial Literacy

Denise Brindley-Thomas

EVERFI High School Financial Literacy

Capital High School


Carrie Farrell


Robinson Independent School District

Future Goals Hockey Scholar

Todd Bloch

Future Goals Hockey Scholar

Warren Woods Middle School

Prescription Drug Safety and Mental Wellness Basics

Mike Whalen

Prescription Drug Safety and Mental Wellness Basics

Penn Hill High School

The Compassion Project

Cathy Jackson

The Compassion Project

Bowen Elementary School


Krystal L. Smith


Pittsburgh Public Schools

Keys To Your Future

Stephanie DeYoung

Keys To Your Future

Everett Alvarez High School

Educator Stories

EVERFI HS Financial Literacy

Grades 9-12

Financial Literacy is important for students because it helps them learn how to manage their money effectively and helps them learn to plan for financial hardships and really-real life. Financial literacy is a necessary life skill that I wish I would have learned in school.

Diana Pate

HS Teacher, Rockwall, TX

​​Students are saying this is the best class I've ever taken. They know that they are going to need these skills. They want it. This should be a mandatory class!

Melissa Bezanson

Personal Finance Teacher, Manchester, NH 


Grades 6-8

As a seventh and eighth-grade AVID* teacher, one of my responsibilities is to teach my students real-world skills to be successful. For me, that means teaching them how to manage their finances, make sound decisions, and become financially responsible. I’ve been using FutureSmart from EVERFI for years—it’s become the go-to resource I lean on.

Nicole Albion

AVID Site Coordinator and Teacher, Worcester, MA

At the end of the year, I had a lot of students tell me this was the most impactful lesson that we had. It was the one they enjoyed the most, it was the one they felt they learned the most in, and they felt was going to help them the most in their future.

Jacob Short

Middle School Math Teacher, Dallas, TX

Many students were like 'oh my gosh, i get this' and they were excited to use some of the information they learned. Some of them started bank accounts and they were planning for their future - it was really exciting!

Holly Vordenberg

Family & Consumer Science Teacher, Amherst, NH


Grades 2-5

Kids need a way to practice and integrate math concepts in ways that are meaningful for them. That’s why I love Vault. It gives kids time to explore topics like saving and spending, budgeting, investing and borrowing, and planning for the future in a really fun and engaging way.

Jen Kosior

Math Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

As an adult, I do not recall having financial literacy lessons that showed me the importance of budgeting, credit, or managing my money. This program has been an amazing resource to prepare students for their future. I typically present this to my 4th and 5th graders. They never want to close the program once we have started. These lessons are usually paired with discussions about career paths and goals.

Ashlee Davis

Elementary Teacher, Richmond, VA

The Compassion Project

Grades 2-5

Social-emotional competencies such as compassion, empathy, and mindfulness are essential building blocks for not only a successful school year but a healthy life. Investing time in teaching our kids these skills in a fun, engaging way helps build a positive, supportive learning environment for all kids.

Cathy Jackson

Digital Learning & TAG coach, Louisville, KY

My students enjoyed actively learning about how to be compassionate, empathetic, and mindful when interacting with others in different settings. I was able to see firsthand how effective the program was, after my student's completion, through my student's actions in and outside the classroom. In addition, parents even reached out to me to express how they noticed a difference in their child's behavior at home. The program really helped my students apply the concept and feel proud when they displayed those skills.

Jasmine Williams

Elementary Teacher, Miami-Dade County Schools

306: African American History

Grades 8-12

Students expressed that these lessons helped them see not just the history as something in the past, it made it relevant, it made them realize that these happened not in the far past as they had envisioned but in the more recent past. This to me spoke to the fact that we need to help students see what the past was and work to do better and be better. Students spoke of race and the differences in how races are treated as something that needs to be recognized and addressed.

Ms. Cooper

High School Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

306: Continuing the Story

Grades 8-12

I am so excited to be able to use the 306 lessons to help make my students more aware of the issues facing people of all races and cultures. These lessons touch upon topics and historical facts that are often ignored or glossed over. I used this program in my Career & Financial Management Class to make well-educated decisions in their careers and future businesses.

Ms. Schroeder

Middle School Teacher, Avon, NY

Understanding Mental Wellness

Grades 8-10

Once kids can name something, it becomes easier to understand and relate to. And for mental health, this can be a really important way to reduce stigma.

Kimberly Palocsay

Math Teacher, Ohio Virtual Academy

Prescription Drug Safety

Grades 9-12

The scenarios were so effective for my students. It got them thinking about different situations and gave them practice thinking about what they would do and what they would say.

Colleen Donakowski

PE/Health Teacher Redford, MI

Vaping: Know the truth

Grades 9-12

Many of my students have never been taught about the destructive nature of vaping. Many of them know that vaping is dangerous but have not been exposed to the real truth and science behind the facts. The lesson content that was provided is exactly what my students need to hear. My students are smart and are always interested to learn about new topics that interest them and are relevant to their life experiences. The lessons about drugs and vaping are perfect and definitely will make a difference in how they make choices in their lives.

Mr. Carrera

High School Teacher, Chicago, IL

I'm so excited about the vaping education series. My high schoolers...I just don't think they know enough about it. Having this platform to help with that...i'm so excited to use it. I can't wait to start!

Amanda Newlin

High School Teacher, West Frankfort, IL


Honor Code - Bullying Prevention

Grades 8-10

Honor Code is a great lesson because it teaches the students about bullying, and how to help others that are being bullied. This is a big issue in most schools, and if this lesson prevents even one student from bullying, or helps others to stand up and tell someone, then the lesson worked for the good.

Misty Jolly

Health/Career Development Teacher, Corning, AR

Ignition: Digital Literacy

Grades 8-10

Digital wellness and safety is important in today's generation. With technology being evermore present each day, students need to be informed of all the dangers, and how to behave ethically online.

Misty Jolly

Health/Career Development Teacher, Corning, AR

Future Goals - Hockey Scholar

Grades 4-7

Anytime you can make a connection to something in real-life, especially with middle school students, they become more engaged.

Jennifer Armstrong

STEM Teacher, Pottstown, PA

My students are avid hockey fans and players, and I’m always on the lookout for relatable content that helps my students make real-world STEM connections.

Chris Woods

Math Teacher, Calumet Township, MI

Like any educator knows, getting students to buy into learning is a hard task. By taking something, like professional hockey, and showing students how science and math make it happen, it helps build their interest in the content area immediately. 

Ms. Discenza

Elementary Teacher, New Haven, CT

I really loved the physics and the angles, and all the mathematics and science that were involved in the game and the sport of hockey. That was a great hook to get my students really interested and invested.  

Crystal Blais

Technology Integrator, Biddeford, ME

WORD Force

Grades K-2

WORD Force has been FANTASTIC this year. Even my high-level students not only enjoyed it, but got a better understanding with larger words. I will be using WORD Force next year as I LOVE the games and how it gives them practice they so desperately need.

Stephanie Macier

Elementary Teacher, Dallas, TX

Especially for my students who are struggling learners, learning about the WORD Force games was really impactful. I can not wait for my students to be able to use those.

Christina Reyes-Dietrich

Elementary Inclusion Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

I started using it with my first graders, and they loved WORD Force. They went back to class and during their free time, instead of just surfing the net, they went right into their EVERFI accounts, opened it up, and continued working.

Rosie Del Tejo Williamson

Elementary Teacher, Somerville, ME

It has helped my Kindergarten students improve their reading skills. I see a big improvement in my students' reading skills by the end of the school year, especially students who use it regularly or consistently for a longer time, they have gained a lot.

Dawit Tegegne

Elementary Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

LearnOn Conference

LearnOn '22 has been a great, revitalizing part of my summer to get me excited for the school year. It's helped me with learning some new apps that I can use for my classroom, and how to grow the community in our school. I'm excited to pass on EVERFI to all my teachers and friends that I think would benefit!

Michelle A.

Early Childhood Teacher, Missouri

The strategies are priceless, the presenters were dynamic and I've just had a wonderful time. You've reignited my passion to get this school year started, so thank you!

Christina R.

Elementary Inclusion Teacher, Nevada

It is relevant. It is on point. It's fun and refreshing - they made every minute count! 

Lisa M.

MS Life Skills Teacher, California

We're attending great sessions and they're all free of charge! It's been a great day and I'm walking away with a ton of great resources to use for the school year. 

Megan W.

6th Grade Teacher, North Carolina

By far, the absolute best PD I have had this entire year - I have wanted to stay the entire time.

Peter D.

High School Teacher, New Jersey

Thank you for providing great resources and presenters. So many takeaways...can't wait to use them this year!

Holly H.

High School Teacher, Missouri

This was such a wonderful mix of information in a PD day. I am anxious to start a job in a high school setting, but this really helped me feel prepared for the non-academic stuff, which is often sooo much more important!

Jessica D.

High School Teacher, Arizona

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