New for School Year 2023-24

At EVERFI, we continually listen to the needs of our educator network who use our digital resources to teach real-world skills.

Our team is thrilled to announce several newly updated digital courses for the 2023-24 school year as well as enhancements to the learning platform.

Know the truth

This newly updated digital course gives today’s students core knowledge around the health effects associated with using vaping products (nicotine, cannabis, or co-use). It was created by Truth Initiative, the public health organization behind truth®️, and Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the American Heart Association. Two lessons have been added that address the health risks and consequences of short- and long-term cannabis use.

Grade Level: 8-12 

Prescription Drug Safety:
Know the truth

This newly updated digital course educates students about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications, including fentanyl. The course – developed in partnership with Truth Initiative, the public health organization behind the nationally recognized truth® youth tobacco prevention and education campaign – explores the impact misuse can have on teens' physical and mental health, relationships, communities, and futures.

Grade Level: 8-12 

Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships

This recently updated digital course, sponsored by the NFL, teaches students how to establish healthy relationships with their peers and navigate complex social interactions. EVERFI has partnered with the National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute to enhance the course by adding three new videos that demonstrate how students can apply the values of courage, commitment, and integrity to their decision-making and choices.

Grade Level: 6-9 

Black History

This newly updated course is releasing on a rolling basis this fall with two lessons already available. 306 explores the lives, stories, and lessons of Black Americans throughout history. The course brings history to life for students through immersive and engaging learning content that goes beyond just the facts of history, bringing out the themes, narratives, and geographic concepts that provide important context and frameworks for students to analyze historical events.

Grade Level: 8-12 

Updates to the Learning Platform

Our free digital learning platform was recently updated to make it easier than ever to browse our library of 40+ courses covering essential life skills. Under the Explore Courses tab on the top left, there is a new option available to filter courses by grade level, topic, and language. This platform release enables you to find more related courses to pair with your curriculum.

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