Prescription Drug Safety: Know the truth

This newly updated digital course educates students about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications, including fentanyl. The course – developed in partnership with Truth Initiative, the public health organization behind the nationally recognized truth® youth tobacco prevention and education campaign – explores the impact misuse can have on teens' physical and mental health, relationships, communities, and futures. The tone and design of the updated course is more youth-led and easier to digest by teens with brand new content addressing the dangers of fentanyl and counterfeit drugs.


Free Digital Lessons for​
Students in Grades 8-12

Evidence-Based Curriculum
Evidence-Based Curriculum
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Grade Level:

English & Spanish

8 digital lessons, 15 mins each

Curriculum Fit:
Health, Advisory, Homeroom, Life Skills, and FCS

National Health Education Standards (NHES) and CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

Prescription Drug Safety: Know the truth has been independently validated to meet ESSA Level III evidence


Preview the Digital Lessons

Lesson 1
The Basics

Students become familiarized with the difference types of prescription drugs, how they can affect the body, and some of their harmful side effects.

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Lesson 2
Science of Addiction

Lesson 3
Understanding Prescriptions

Lesson 4
Safe Use

Lesson 5
Refusal Skills

Lesson 6
Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery

Lesson 7
Supporting Others

Lesson 8
Fentanyl – Fast and Fatal


Why Teachers & Students Love This Course

“I've been teaching for 20 years and in that time, I have adapted my teaching style to find better ways to reach young adults. I use these online programs as the foundation of our Drug/Alcohol Unit. I love how it is student paced and continuously assess their progress through each module.”

High School Teacher


“I liked that that the course provided specific examples through scenarios that one could actually find relatable. Realistically, I felt like I could know somebody in those situations. It made me realize that this problem isn't as far-fetched as I think it is.”

High School Student

“Nice way to get in some required items that have been added by the state in a quick, concise, informative, and non-judgmental way. It is an important topic and a growing issue, hidden for most families as well.”

High School Teacher



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