Helping organizations tackle intractable social issues by providing the missing layer of education.

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Tom Davidson on corporate America taking on missing layers of education - From Fortune Magazine May, 2021

"The pandemic has cast a bright light on the inequities in America’s education system. These have manifested in many ways, including the lack of equal access to broadband and vast disparities in school funding. Poverty levels, lack of access to the systems that provide societal advantages, and woefully disparate investments have created a symphony of crises for children in American schools.

We are better than this..."


Making Learning Scalable and Impact Measurable

EVERFI leverages the combined power of our platform, people and partner networks to make sure learners are getting the most out of our technology.

A celebrity engaging students in a classroom with EVERFI.

Active Community Engagement

Empowering more teachers, citizens and students to get involved with game-based, incentive driven online education that fosters greater comprehension, retention and behavior change.

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Industry Thought Leadership

From content to context, our leadership provides thoughtful insight into the world of online education and fulfilling the need for critical skills development in our ever-changing world.

Two girls in class using headphones to listen to their desktop computers.

Cloudbased Technology Dominance

EVERFI provides unrivaled cloud-based digital courses to a growing and connected high-speed network base of technology users of all ages from K-12 students to adults.

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Socially-Aware and Regulatory Driven Courses

Helping solve the basic and critical need for socially-aware and regulatory compliant avenues for education in a safe and effective online environment.


Provide the Missing Layer of Education

Building the infrastructure to deliver impact-as-a-service in their communities; empowering individuals with the tools and skills to drive ecosystems of change and inspire lifelong success.

Three students engaging in a classroom group activity.

Why corporate America should invest in education

Fortune CEO Alan Murray speaks with EVERFI Founder and CEO Tom Davidson about why the private sector should invest in education now—and the role corporate America can play in building a better future for the next generation.

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